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Milkar, the NGO of NGOs is an automated platform that connects volunteers with projects of social impact. With over 90 social welfare organisations on board, is now recruiting campus ambassadors. The platform enables organisations to list their projects, and volunteers with the matching skills, education and passion can join these projects. The initiative is backed by a national campaign encouraging people to volunteer for social causes and engage in community projects in literacy, education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, female empowerment, climate change etc.

I am the founder of the Milkar champions program and introduced it schools in universities for the first time. The MilKarChampions Program aims to bring the brand closer to the core student community. Through this, MilKar aims to give back, nurture and support young talent in the country. It is an opportunity for young students to apply for volunteer programs addressing real world challenges, bring disruptive ideas to fruition and directly work with Pakistan’s first volunteer raising platform. As part of MilKar, students will be able to:

1. ExperienceDiversity Students will experience working with national and international civil service organisations. Opportunities consist of talks, vigils, webinars, donation drives, counselling sessions and more. 2. Build College Applications and Resumes Students will receive constructive feedback from top tier organisations. College counsellors and recruiters look out for student evaluations and recommendations. Having “MilKarChampions" or "Volunteers" on your resume will surely help students unlock fruitful career opportunities. 3. Develop a Network MilKar equips students to connect with top organisations and build tangible networks. The program will enable students to figure out how to manage professionalism and deal with different people.

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