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#Lahore wears masks

One of Lahore's biggest campaign took place today (02/07/21) at Badshahi Mosque & Masjid Wazir Khan right before the Jummah Prayer.

MilKar Volunteers followed all the protocols themselves (mask wearing, use of sanitizer and maintained possible distance as well) also assured that before distributing the masks their hands were washed and sanitized. The excruciating heat did not make the task any easier, but the teams were ensuring every person that they wear mask and follow all the SOPS stated by the Health departments & Government. I overlooked the volunteers and worked with them as a peer to ensure that our activity ran smoothly.

The Volunteers asked politely to people and made sure that whoever is coming to the Holy place wear masks and then enter the mosque.

Volunteers were out on the streets with their bags full of masks and only one message for all to Keep your community safe and Mask Up! to help and protect Lahore against COVID-19.

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